117 Adriana Campo

Born in the City of Palma Soriano in Santiago, Cuba 1969.

Graduated from the Superior Pedagogic Institute in the city of Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. In 1999 graduated from the Academia de Artes Plasticas “Oscar Fernandez Morera”in the city of Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus Cuba. Adriana currently resides in the city of Miami, Florida.

XVII Exhibition Oscar Fernandez Morera. Location: Art Gallery Oscar Fernandez Morera de Sancti Spiritus Cuba, October 2000.

Exhibition “Salón Internacional de Artes Plásticas” for the XXI edition of the “Festival del Caribe”. Location: Galeria Oriente de Santiago de Cuba, July 3, 2001.

Exhibition “Women in the Arts”. Location: Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida USA, March 2008.


“Algo pueril pero al natural”. August 2001. Location: Art Gallery Benito Ortiz Borrell, Trinidad S. Spiritus Cuba.


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